Dear Members & Friends,

BEI | Smart Cities of the Future: Angola – Produced in English and Portuguese

Last week, ex-RTPI President Cliff Hague and I delivered a workshop concluding BEI’s engagement with an FCO Prosperity project. The workshop was the culmination of 8 previous workshops delivered over a year enhancing urban planning capability through public-private-partnership skills and awareness of anti-corruption tools.

The event demonstrated that the UK is well positioned to offer cooperation with Angola and it was great to note that some member companies already operated on major infrastructure in Angola. The event was attended by a variety of public and private entities including the Order of Architects, Casa Civil, APIEX, Ministry of Urbanism and Housing, Ministry of Construction, Ministry of the Administration of Territories and Ministry of Economy. Via BEI’s Smart City Working Group, a Smart City publication, supported by Tobias Ellwood MP, was launched to promote UK expertise.

The Smart City Working Group met on Monday this week in the latest of the Smart City programme. Topics of discussion included the latest Group publication for the FCO, were the Astana EXPO-17 in June and the International Istanbul Smart Grid Congress and Exhibition in April. A Smart Cities delegation will travel to Kazakhstan to deliver workshops in both Astana and Almaty from 26-29 June and deliver a localised publication to showcase UK expertise in Smart Cities to policy and decision-makers. This month, BEI have been invited to participate in a Smart City panel discussion in Istanbul. This year, the country partner for this event is Italy but in 2018, the UK will be the lead partner and now is a beneficial time to shape the agenda of next year’s event. The event takes place 19-21 April and if any of our members wish to take part in this, or Astana Expo17, please contact Phil Dowrick


Ruari Cahill - Account Manager, Government