Dear Members and Friends,

Amidst uncertainty caused by Brexit and much else, we at Strategy International continue to carefully analyse the trends likely to impact our members and their supply chains over coming months and years.

In the UK deep uncertainty remains of course, but we see an acceleration of public investment – including into large scale infrastructure – as increasingly likely, whatever form Brexit takes. And so this week we were delighted to welcome Tim Wood, who leads the Northern Powerhouse Rail team at Transport for the North. He works in partnership with the Department for Transport, Network Rail, HS2 Ltd and Local and Combined Authorities to determine and deliver the priorities for investment in the North's rail network, freight and passenger services. He discussed the £70bn plan to revolutionise transport links in the region. The project, entitled Northern Powerhouse Rail, is long-overdue, but could bring in an estimated £100bn in revenue and create some 850,000 jobs across the North. Tim’s well elaborated, fact based insights were really appreciated and it was inspiring to hear about this programme of projects where the benefits and interdependences have been assessed from a holistic perspective.

Two D Group events next week continue with this theme. On 2nd July Rupert Soames OBE, CEO of Serco, will be leading a discussion on improving government procurement – of critical importance if some of the real concerns expressed to us are to be addressed and the benefits of additional investment realised. The following day, July 3rd, we welcome Michele Dix CBE, Managing Director of Crossrail 2 – a key example of the type of projects promising transformative potential for the UK’s economy.

A little later, on 9th July, BEI will be picking up this theme from an international perspective, hosting European Bank for Reconstruction & Development Managing Director for Central Asia Bruno Balvanera to discuss projects in a region attracting ever more commercial and political interest. As the UK repositions over coming years, the countries of Central Asia promise to become increasingly important trade partners, not only in relation to infrastructure but also other areas where British expertise excels. This event will offer a valuable insight into the shape of things to come for a key region for the UK.

Over coming weeks and months, Strategy will be positioning ever more to support our members to prepare and make the most of the very different economic and political landscape emerging through events and additional support. We very much look forward to working with you all over what promises to be a busy summer all round.

Best wishes to all,


Seumas Kerr CBE - Managing Director, The D Group

Event Highlights:

Tuesday 2nd July 2019 – The D Group Lunch
Achieving transparency and flexibility in government procurement 
Rupert Soames OBE, CEO, Serco

Wednesday 3rd July 2019 – The D Group Dinner
Dinner with Michele Dix CBE, Crossrail 2
Michele Dix CBE, Managing Director, Crossrail 2

Tuesday 9th July 2019 – BEI
EBRD in Central Asia 
Bruno Balvanera, Managing Director, Central Asia

Tuesday 9th July 2019 – The D Group Lunch
Lunch with Alexandre Fasel, the Ambassador of Switzerland to the UK  
Ambassador Alexandre Fasel, Ambassador of Switzerland to the United Kingdom

Tuesday 16th July 2019 – BEI
Meet the Ambassador of Afghanistan to the United Kingdom
His Excellency Said T. Jawad, Ambassador of Afghanistan to the United Kingdom