Dear Members and Friends,

With September well underway, the team rested and most of our offspring back to school or University, it’s a pleasure to bring you the first Strategy International Newsletter of 2017 - Part II.

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As part of our ongoing series looking at the UK energy market in general, and Nuclear in particular, we welcomed Lord Hutton, a highly respected former Secretary of State of Defence, Business and Work and Pensions - and now Chairman of the Nuclear Industry Association. There was a very focused discussion on the challenges posed by rapidly declining costs elsewhere in the renewables sector and the need for the nuclear sector to focus on fleet-based economies of scale to drive down costs.

Tomorrow’s lunch with Sir Michael Rake on Skills, Regulation and Competition in UK Telecoms post Brexit will, I am sure, provide much debate and discussion, and quite probably more questions than answers at this stage!



British Expertise International hosted number of meetings over the course of the last week and a half, the Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy John Howell MP discussing working in Nigeria and with Lord Popat hosting a session on Rwanda & Uganda.  Mid-week we had the Caribbean Development Bank and the UK Caribbean Infrastructure Fund in-house to discuss how to engage and bring valuable skills and expertise to much needed infrastructure development, and a full house for a meeting with Peter Vowles, Head of DfID in Kenya on programmes and opportunities in the country.

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Some of you will have attended our various art exhibitions.  The upcoming Private View of works by artist David Fawcett should appeal to all of the commuters amongst us as we continue to seek value for money while still arriving at work on time and without standing our entire journey. Join us for a chat with the artist and the Strategy International team on 19 October. Please contact Sophie to register.

Autumn is rolling on at pace and the programme continues to develop.  Make sure you keep an eye on the website and register for events promptly, as the numbers seem to keep on growing.

Our next newsletter will come in the form of a “Letter from China” as our Chairman, Peter O’Kane, concludes a week in Beijing. His busy programme of meetings across the public and private sectors has revealed many opportunities and areas for possible collaboration as well as a few curiosities.  Make sure you watch out this weekend for an interesting read.


All the best,


Tracey Smith - Deputy Chair, Strategy International