Dear Members and Friends,

We are giving the lead position this week to D Contemporary. Many will be familiar with the varied art that now greets you here. D Contemporary puts on exhibitions of contemporary art related to countries and themes relevant to our work. ( Do note that members can take the gallery space, along with personal tours by the artists or curator, for their own client evenings). 'Lithuanian Art - Destination London' is the latest in a series of country-specific showcases.

The preview, attended by 200, took place on Tuesday, complete with performance art  (referred to by one of our more artistically sensitive Infrastructure members as 'a woman shouting inside ducting').

Our next exhibition is from Sarah Butterfield, a highly accomplished artist who also happens to be Lady Willetts. David Willetts, for years a highly effective Universities minister, has been a speaker at D Group and is a highly respected and much published Conservative party thinker and policy expert. He is now an active member of the Lords and chair of the Resolution Foundation.


You are invited to the two private views (either on the 28th March or 4th April). For either dates, please RSVP to We look forward to a good mix of the arts, government and business. Space is limited by numbers.

Vietnam proved a draw on Thursday with Ian Gibbons, British Consul General, Ho Chi Minh updating members on a truly dynamic growth economy and one very open to U.K. business. Key takeaways from the meeting were the enthusiasm and passion that Vietnam has for all things “British” – especially across education, noting that the Vietnamese national curriculum is currently being re-written to mirror the UK model. This enthusiasm is supported by a steady stream of Ministerial visits following visit by PM David Cameron in 2015. Rt Hon Liam Fox is expected to visit twice in a year separated by Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson.



Next week sees BEI turn its attention to opportunities across Africa with a substantial event on Tuesday with Invest in Africa. D Group meets Anthony Seldon, ex headmaster of Wellington, Vice Chancellor of Buckingham University, author of multiple books and  biographer of David Cameron. He has some pretty trenchant views as to the challenges faced by our university sector and what will determine the survivors.

Finally, with some additions to the team here it seems a good opportunity to give you a full update on the entire Strategy Group team, the management and the advisory board. Click here to find out more.



Peter O'Kane - Chairman, Strategy International