Celebrating #RAF100
Sponsored by Lockheed Martin
In aid of RAF BF and Aerobility


Richard has a passion for aviation and has worked in the aerospace and airline industry since leaving school at 18. Starting out as an apprentice, he has been fortunate enough to work with a wide range of civil and military aircraft in the UK and overseas which has afforded him some unique opportunities both on the ground and in the air to indulge in his passion for combining his aviation interests with photography. He started with film cameras when he was 14 and moved to digital photography as technology evolved. This shift in production methods and processing techniques opened a new creative world for photographers where creativity can be applied and experimented with in ways that early photographers could only dream of. Richard’s work aims to capture, the passion and emotion of flight and pays tribute to those pioneers of flight who have made the dream of flight come true for all of us today.

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