D Contemporary would like to invite you to the private view of David Fawcett - Observations of a London Commuter

Private View: 19th October – 6:30 – 8:30pm
RSVP – sok@strategyinternational.co.uk

Spaces for the private view are limited so please remember to RSVP to guarantee entree

Exhibition dates: 20th October - 2nd November

"A collection of paintings based on his working life in London

A Random Selection of Commuters.JPG

David Fawcett is a British Contemporary Artist who lives in Tunbridge Wells. He has exhibited in a number of galleries over the years. His paintings have been used for greeting cards, a post card for the Royal Academy, an album and book cover and most recently as designs for a limited edition range of Ted Baker accessories".

Drawing a lot of inspiration from working in London. Commuting and working in an office, going to see clients, travelling on the tube – all these aspects of my life have provided me with great subject matter for paintings. I rely on my visual memory when I paint so all of my work is really a loose representation of what I see. The other dimension to my painting is that I often try and find a humorous theme or narrative to the image. The title is a very important element in conveying this and I enjoy trying to work out the wording to maximise the overall effect of the painting.

I am self-taught and have developed my painting style over the last twenty-five years or so. I always work in acrylic and try and paint every day if I can. In terms of the actual painting – colour harmonisation is probably the key thing I strive for in every work. When I first started painting seriously I would keep a sheet and my paints behind the settee and as soon as the kids had gone to bed, get all my gear out and paint lying on the living room floor. With the onset of middle age and a dodgy back, I have moved off the floor and now use an easel.