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Speaker: Peter Andrews, Agent, Greater London, Bank of England

The Bank of England’s mission is to deliver monetary and financial stability for all British people. The Bank’s Monetary Policy and Financial Stability Committees must both be cogniscent of the impacts and effects of each decision not just on those based inside the square mile – but on the whole population of the UK. Regular feedback is drawn from across the UK, and Peter Andrews will discuss how this is undertaken; what specific challenges does this present; and where current opinion appears to be heading.

Peter Andrews joined the Bank of England in 1979. He served in the Economics and International Divisions, and completed a DPhil in Economics from Oxford University, before being seconded to the IMF in 1990 as Personal Assistant to the Managing Director. Peter was previously Head of the Gilt-Edged and Money Markets Division as well as Head of the Monetary Assessment and Strategy Division. He became Agent for Greater London in 2007.

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