• Queensland House (map)
  • 392-393 Strand
  • London, England, WC2R 0LT
  • United Kingdom

Speaker: Mayor Mark Jamieson of Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

The Mayor will be interested to discuss strategies for smart cities.  The Sunshine Coast’ council’s smart city development at Maroochydore has recently been showcased at the annual assembly of local governments in Canberra.

Maroochydore City Centre Development

The planned city centre in the heart of the Sunshine Coast is the only greenfield CBD in Australia within an existing urban area.

This unique development is designed for a region coming of age, with the new $2 billion university hospital and health precinct and the planned expansion of the Sunshine Coast airport.

The new city centre is located in one of the fastest growing regions in the nation and population growth on the Sunshine Coast continues to eclipse the Queensland average. 


This is a members only event and there is no cost to attend.

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