Speaker: Jane Corbin, Award Winning Broadcaster, Author and Investigative Journalist

The entire region across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) is ablaze with multiple wars and terrorism, inflicting death and destruction, economic and political chaos, and great suffering for millions. The Shia-Sunni conflict between Iran and Arab states, the involvement of USA, UK, France and Russia in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and other states, and the rise of radical Islamist Jihadism, have made the whole region a volatile background for proxy wars and a melting pot for extremism and the rise of ISIL, Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups. The wider implications of these conflicts have greatly impacted Europe with the migrant and refugee crisis, racism, and resurgent populist nationalism, resulting in an ever worsening economic and security situation.

Multiple peace processes and negotiations have been tried for decades without any success, and, following the horrific, ever increasing spree of terror attacks across Europe and most recently in the UK, we ask ourselves whether or not there will ever be hope for bringing peace and reconciliation to this war-ravaged region of the world.

Jane Corbin is an award-winning Broadcaster, Author and Investigative Journalist who has made over a hundred documentaries mainly for the BBC and its current affairs programme Panorama. She specialises in covering Central Asia, the Middle East and terrorism in each region, and has investigated many of the major human rights issues and global political and military events over the past three decades.

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