Speaker: Mike Tynan, CEO, Nuclear AMRC



The economic transition to a low carbon economy is a challenge, and nuclear could be part of the solution. Sustainable economic value (specifically, generation of new jobs), is the biggest driver for the government when deciding which large infrastructure plans to advance. It is almost certain that the recent shake-up in the global nuclear industry will be the end of some of the companies in the consortia that the UK has contracted, so some of the current plans will have to be rethought. Should the UK focus on building its own nuclear infrastructure, or is it best to continue attracting inward investment in the sector and service stations built by partners?

Mike Tynan joined the Nuclear AMRC as CEO in 2013, with responsibility for overall leadership and strategy. Mike was previously chief executive of Westinghouse UK, and has held senior positions at a number of UK nuclear sites. He is also visiting professor in nuclear manufacturing at the University of Sheffield, a member of the UK government’s Nuclear Industry Council and Nuclear Innovation Research Advisory Board, and a founder board member of the National Skills Academy Nuclear.

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