Speaker: Keith Morgan, CEO, British Business Bank

With the amalgamation of a number of government schemes, the British Business Bank started operations in November 2014 with the aim of bringing expertise and Government money to the smaller business finance markets and of creating an easily-accessible and supportive SME finance ecosystem. Rather than lending or investing directly, it works with banks, leasing companies, venture capital funds and web-based platforms.  So far it has supported over 50,000 companies of all sizes in the SME world with some £8 billion of financial assistance. In a recent initiative, the Bank launched its £400m Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund (NPIF), aimed at boosting the North of England’s economy.

CEO Keith Morgan has led the Bank from its initial planning in early 2013, bringing to this role a wealth of expertise in the financial sector and specialisation in the SME world. Previously as an Executive Director of UK Financial Investments (UKFI), he managed the UK Government’s shareholdings in Bradford & Bingley and Northern Rock and the return of Northern Rock to the private sector. As a Director with Santander in the USA he had focused on the bank’s retail and SME strategy. And before joining Abbey National as Director of Strategy & Planning in 2004 he had spent 17 years specialising in financial services at L.E.K. Consulting.

This discussion will be very relevant of course to any business which might look for British Business Bank funding: but equally to all those with a role or interest in this unique initiative and its likely long-term influence. 

This is a D Group event. For members only. 

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