Speakers: Lord Hennessy of Nympsfield and Dr James Jinks

Britain’s nuclear force suddenly finds itself high on the political agenda. The government has agreed to replace the fleet of ageing Vanguard-class submarines that carry Trident missiles. Yet many doubts still surround the project.

The Book, The Silent Deep is the first authoritative history of the Submarine Service from the end of the Second World War to the present. It gives the most complete account yet published of the development of Britain's submarine fleet, its capabilities, its weapons, its infrastructure, its operations and above all - from the testimony of many submariners and the first-hand witness of the authors - what life is like on board for the denizens of the silent deep.

This dinner will provide a platform for Lord Hennessy, a historian who has long been fascinated with the workings of the British state and James Jinks, whose PhD he supervised, co-author this document with considerable help from the Royal Navy, to discuss the result of their work which is truly remarkable for its range and detail.

This is a D Group event. For members only. 

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