A consultation with ICAI

ICAI is carrying out a review on the above topic, which is starting now and will run until the Autumn. As part of the scoping phase of the review, they are keen to hold an initial consultation with private sector suppliers with expertise in this area.  Louise Scott, the review team leader, will lead the discussion.

This will be a performance review, exploring (i) how well DFID has integrated VFM considerations into its programme and portfolio management systems and practices and its choice of multilateral partners; and (ii) whether its approach is in fact delivering improvements in VFM. It will provide Parliament and the public with an assessment of DFID’s VFM performance, for accountability purposes. It will also help to generate lessons to inform the continuing development of DFID’s rules and processes.

There will be two broad areas of focus. First, ICAI will explore DFID’s approach to achieving VFM in its programme and portfolio management in the bilateral aid programme (including bilateral programmes delivered by multilateral organisations, or ‘multi-bi aid’). Second, they will assess how well DFID ensures VFM in its selection of multilateral partners.

The review will address the following questions:

  1. Relevance: Is DFID’s approach to value for money appropriate to the needs of the UK aid programme?
  2. Effectiveness: How well are value for money considerations embedded into DFID’s management processes?
  3. Effectiveness: Do DFID’s value for money tools, processes and accountabilities lead to improvements in value for money over time?

Members only (no charge), one delegate per member.

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