Speaker: Melinda Bohannon, Head of DFID's Growth & Resilience Department

Launched on 31 January, DFID’s first ever Economic Development Strategy Economic Development Strategy: prosperity, poverty and meeting global challenges sets out how Britain will establish new trade, investment and economic links and end global poverty.

Advancing economic development in the poorest countries is a hallmark of building Global Britain. It is an essential part of how Britain is helping make globalisation work for all and furthering our national interests by playing a leading role on the international stage. Life-changing progress comes from growth that transforms economies; that creates productive jobs and private sector investment; and that spreads benefits and opportunities right across society. This is essential to eradicate extreme poverty, deliver the Global Goals that the world adopted in 2015 and end reliance on aid.

To present the strategy we are pleased to welcome Melinda Bohannon, Head of DFID's Growth & Resilience Department. Melinda has international experience across a range of high profile policy issues in Government including international development, emerging market economics and climate change. She has worked in the Middle East and North Africa, Russia, the Former Soviet Union, China, and has worked with the United Nations, Multilateral Development Banks and the European Commission.

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