We are pleased to welcome the Independent Commission for Aid Impact (ICAI) Chief Commissioner, Dr Alison Evans, who was also the Lead Commissioner for the current ICAI review into DFID's Procurement and Supplier Management Processes, and Team Leader Chris Shapcott  for a presentation and discussion on Part 1 of the Review Report.


ICAI awarded Department for International Development (DFID) a green-amber score for its approach to shaping its supplier market, in recognition of its increased ambition and the positive direction of travel but also highlighting important areas in need of improvement.

The review found that DFID had developed a credible approach to enabling fair and open competition in its supplier market and to achieving value for money in its procurement.

This is the first of two ICAI reviews examining DFID’s procurement practices. The review looked at DFID’s engagement with actual and potential suppliers in order to shape its supply chains and achieve better value for money through its procurement.

This will be an opportunity for our members to explore and discuss some of the details contained in the review report.


For more information and to view the event on the British Expertise website, please click here