Speaker: Steve Lomas, Head, Infrastructure Finance Team, Infrastructure and Projects Authority

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Infrastructure investment has been a focus of successive governments since the end of the financial crisis, and has become more so, following the increased economic uncertainty that has arisen from the decision of the British people to leave the European Union. The UK government is expected to spend £425.6bn in the coming decade, averaging approximately £47.9bn each year to 2020. Of this figure, £27.8bn is privately funded.

More needs to be done to facilitate private investment in both economic and social infrastructure projects. To this end, the government has introduced schemes such as PS2, and is looking for other potential sources of private investment such as UK pension funds.

This will be an excellent opportunity to discuss opportunities for private finance in the UK with Steve Lomas, Head, Infrastructure Finance Team, Infrastructure and Projects Authority.

Steve Lomas is an Infrastructure Finance Specialist within the IPA with over 25 years experience in the Finance industry. Primarily Steve has a corporate and project and structured finance background with roles at NatWest and Royal Bank of Scotland before becoming a Director at Ambac Assurance UK Ltd in 2001. Steve originally joined HM Treasury as a member of The Infrastructure Finance Unit in 2009 and over the last 8 years in Government has been involved in setting up of the Green Investment Bank, leading the Business Finance Partnership programme and establishing the UK Guarantees Scheme.

Steve has been the head of the Infrastructure Finance team for the last 3 years, which comprises the UK Guarantees team, an advisory team and a portfolio team. The Team advises Government on the availability and policy implications of private finance in the UK infrastructure market, manages the Governments interventions such as UK Guarantees Scheme and actively engages with the market.

This is a D Group event. For members only. 

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