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Speaker: Elizabeth Linder, Founder & CEO, The Conversational Century

Despite the hype, it can be hard for senior decision makers to understand exactly what the emergence and spread of social media means. Elizabeth Linder has been at the forefront of social media’s birth and evolution into the globally transformative force it is becoming.  Elizabeth was Facebook’s first Head of Politics & Government for the Europe, Middle East and Africa region just as the Arab Spring swept across the region and social media began to shape and empower mass interaction for good, and for ill. Now consulted by companies and governments around the world, Elizabeth continues to lead efforts to unlock the positive power of social media, as well as to map and anticipate the threats. As the impacts and power of social media continue to develop and transform societies, Elizabeth is perfectly positioned to articulate why your organisation should care about social media and how to position to make the most of the opportunities it brings whilst mitigating the growing potential for damage.

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