We are delighted to welcome delegates from three new cities.

These are brand new, mixed-used, sustainable developments, incorporating the key elements of an eco-friendly and smart city into their developments from the very early onset and the opportunities that abound are endless. We have three of the most viable of these developments who are  bringing their CEO’s/ representatives to the UK to meet with their counterparts in the UK. The representatives of these projects are very keen on British quality and wish to work with renowned companies.

Imperial International Business City (IIBC)

A 200 hectare eco-friendly, self-sustaining, smart city development to be dredged 2 meters above the Lagos lagoon. It is proposed to have a mixture of residential, mixed-use and commercial zones and modern infrastructure such as shopping malls, a marina and water park, mini golf course, state of the art drainage, roads with walk and cycle ways, fibre optic cable, 6 star hotel and a world class hospital amongst other amenities.

Gracefield Island Project

A 100 hectare environmentally friendly city being dredged out of the Lagos lagoon. Offering a prime site for an exceptional live work and play environment. Some key features of the new city will include: Conservation/green area; unobtrusive and high level security coverage including CCTV; Captive Energy Programme; world class health and recovery centre; water and waste recycling plants amongst many other attractive features.

Eko Atlantic City

Eko Atlantic is a 1,300 hectare new city that has risen from the Atlantic Ocean. It is being built on land that is being reclaimed from the sea. Eko Atlantic will become home to at least 250,000 residents, with commuter volume expected to exceed 150,000 people daily. Designed to include features such as a Marina, mixed use, residential and commercial developments, shopping districts as well as other impressive features.

Key features and benefits of the Mission amongst others include:

  • The opportunity to hear from and engage with senior representatives from the Export financing arm of the UK government – UK Export Finance (UKEF). UKEF will be speaking on the opportunities available to UK companies on export credit finance.

  • The opportunity to hear from the Trade Envoy – John Howell MP.

  • One on one sessions with the CEO’s/representatives from these brand new cities to explore areas to work together.

There is no charge to attend this event.

For more information and to view the event on the British Expertise website, please click here