Speaker: H.E. Dr. Rizal Sukma, Indonesian Ambassador

In the first quarter of 2017, Indonesia’s GDP grew by 1.2% to over $247 billion, leading UNCTAD to announce in June that Indonesia is in fourth place behind the United States of America, China and India as a prospective investment destination for 2017 – 2019.

Indonesia boasts the world’s largest Muslim population and has by far the largest economy within the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN). It is also the only G20 member from Southeast Asia and is predicted to be in the top 7 largest economies in the world by 2030. It is the world’s largest producer and exporter of crude palm oil, the second largest exporter of coal and the fourth largest exporter of natural gas.

Home to over 260 million people as of 2016, Indonesia’s economic growth is driven by a large middle class which makes up roughly a third of its population. The UK’s exports of goods to Indonesia totalled £467 million in 2014 and consist mainly of machinery and transport equipment, chemical and related products, manufactured goods and crude materials.  What further opportunities are there for UK business?

We look forward to the insights and suggestions of H.E. Dr. Rizal Sukma, who was appointed Ambassador of Indonesia to the UK last year. Before taking up this post, Dr Sukma was Executive Director of the Centre for Strategic and International Studies (one of the largest think tanks in Indonesia) and a member of the Board of Advisors of the Institute for Peace and Democracy. Since receiving his PhD from the LSE in 1997, he has worked extensively on such issues as Southeast Asian security, ASEAN, Indonesia’s defence and foreign policy, military reform, Islam and politics, and domestic political changes in Indonesia. In the lead-up to the 2014 Indonesian general election, H.E. Dr Sukma served as Foreign Affairs Adviser to President Jokowi and played a significant role in formulating foreign policy.

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