The European Bank for Reconstruction & Development (EBRD) was established in 1991 to promote the transition to market economies in former eastern bloc countries from Central Europe, through Russia to Central Asia. The area of operations was first extended to include Turkey, more recently the Middle East and North Africa (Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Jordan), and now Greece and Cyprus. In 2016 EBRD committed a record-equalling €9.4 billion of annual investment through 378 operations across more than 30 emerging economies.

We are delighted to be invited to meet with the EBRD Transport team, led by Sue Barrett, for a presentation on the Bank's transport strategy. The transport sector is a key enabler of economic growth and transition in the region. It accounts for 18% of the EBRD investment portfolio, with 162 active projects worth €7.3 billion.

This meeting is for members only. 

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