Speaker: Rt Hon Kenneth Clarke QC MP

The decision to leave the EU continues to release shockwaves throughout the UK political and economic establishment and beyond; shockwaves which have been further amplified by the loss of an overall Conservative majority at the recent elections. Whether this upheaval represents a long overdue opportunity for national renewal, or merely opens the final chapter of post-imperial decline is now a matter of continuing passionate debate.

Amidst this maelstrom, and long before, Ken Clarke has been a consistent, vocal and popular advocate for the UK’s membership of the European Union, deploying a characteristic array of wit, pragmatism and lightly worn but often devastating erudition in defence of his beliefs. In other times, his focus on Europe would be mentioned only as a footnote in a career that has encompassed over half a dozen Cabinet positions including two of the Great Offices of State and countless other ministerial positions under four Prime Ministers during a Parliamentary career spanning over 50 years – a record of experience few if any recent politicians can challenge. Amidst it all Ken has been a champion for British business and we are very fortunate he will join us for what promises to be a very special D Group Occasion.

This is a D Group event. For members only. 

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