Speaker: Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach GBE KCB ADC DL, Chief of the Defence Staff, Ministry of Defence 

Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach became Chief of the Defence Staff and the principal military adviser to the UK government in 2016. He has had a wide range of operational commands including being the Commander of Joint Operations.

The global threat to British interests is multiple and varied and very different from the relative certainties of the challenges in the 20th century such as the Cold War. It is currently characterised by a resurgent Russia; the growth of Chinese military capability fuelled by economic growth and driven by widespread economic interests; the spread of technology enabling rogue states to develop strategic systems; the very real possibility of devastating cyber attacks; the often highly sectarian threats of non-state terrorist actors; and the challenge of fighting in people dense urban environments. This is just a few.

Creating a military fit for these multifarious global threats is not purely one of the purchase of military equipment. It will encompass the skill sets and education of people reflecting the changing demography of the UK - not least the growth of diasporas; an ability to understand the cultures of future operating environments; the capacity to handle asymmetric threats; the ability to operate in a space shaped by social media; how to integrate preventative, intelligence and warning capabilities; and whether the military is agile enough to use innovative and developing technologies. Of course this challenge is one that rests in a tight funding envelope.

This is an excellent opportunity for members to hear from Sir Stuart, who is the UK's foremost serving military officer, on this subject. It is a perspective that is likely to appeal far more broadly than the pure defence sector.

This is a D Group event. For members only. 

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