Speaker: Andy Burnham MP

In August last year Andy Burnham was selected as Labour's candidate to run in this May's first ever elections for Mayor of Greater Manchester. We are delighted that Andy, who has visited us in the past both as a minister and Opposition front bench spokesman for Health, has agreed to share his vision with us. As well as Health, Andy has held top positions both in Government and in opposition in Culture, Media and Sport, Home Office, HM Treasury and State Department.

Members will be aware that of all the major regional metropolises, the 'core cities' group, Manchester has received a high-level of focus and arguably set the pace in terms both of progressing devolution, initiating major infrastructure and presenting itself to the overseas investment community as a desirable centre for FDI. Amongst other meaningful statistics, Greater Manchester body will control in excess of £1bn of public money and run its own integrated health and care activities. Andy has made some very clear statements about private sector involvement in care and about key transport initiatives. 

The Mayoral election, albeit very much focused on regional issues, will also inevitably be of interest in national terms with Andy seeing it as a chance to revitalise Labour in the North.

This is a D Group event. For members only. 

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