Founded in 1948, CDC is the UK’s Development Finance Institution (DFI) wholly owned by the UK Government. It is the world’s oldest DFI with a history of making successful investments in businesses which have become industry leaders thereby having enormous impact on the private sector in their country and region as well as improving the lives of many, many individuals.

CDC is a public limited company whose sole shareholder is the UK Government. The Department for International Development (DFID) agrees CDC’s high level strategy, but has no involvement in CDC’s day-to-day decision making which is carried out by the CDC Board of executive and non-executive directors based in London. CDC’s mission is to support the building of businesses throughout Africa and South Asia, to create jobs and make a lasting difference to people's lives in some of the world's poorest places. 

Investments made through CDC play an increasingly important role in DFID's Economic Development initiative, and as it is a while since we last had a presentation on CDC strategy (and how BEI members can work with CDC), we are delighted to welcome Alex MacGillivray, Director of Development Impact. Alex is responsible for measuring and demonstrating the impact of CDC's ambitious new investment strategy, especially its impact on job creation. Alex's background is in sustainable development, competitiveness and business strategy. Before joining CDC, he held senior positions at Accountability and the New Economics Foundation, and has worked with a broad range of businesses, government and non-profits.

This event is free to members and £150 = VAT for non members. 

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