Louise Ellman MP, Chair of the Transport Select Committee, House of Commons discusses the role of roads in national transport policy.

It is widely remarked that the UK does not really have a national transport policy, or at least not a coherent one. The pre-election Party manifestos of 2015 offered various improvements for the roads including the fixing of potholes and the promotion of cycling, although no game-changing initiatives seemed apparent. And yet our road network, all 245 thousand miles or so of it, is a highly significant factor in the national economy and few major users are happy.

Louise Ellman has been closely engaged in transport affairs since her first election as MP for Liverpool Riverside in 1997. She was selected to become the Chair of the Commons Transport Select Committee in May 2008, and was returned unopposed to that position after the 2015 general election.  We very much look forward to hearing her views on where she thinks UK policy on roads is going – or should go.

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