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Dr Dermot Nolan, Chief Executive, Ofgem, discusses Britain's evolving energy landscape.

One of Dr Dermot Nolan’s first acts on taking up the Chief Executive role at Ofgem in March 2014 was to find that competitive pressure in the consumer energy market was lacking, and to refer the whole market to the Competition and Markets Authority.

The CMA’s conclusions are awaited and Dermot has said that he hopes they will go some way to re-establishing trust in the energy market. But still, he has said recently, ‘we really should be seeing bigger retail cuts than we have seen so far'. More broadly he commented last October that “major change is around the corner. The transformation of the energy system is already happening. It provides an opportunity to redefine the relationship between industry and consumers which too often in the past has been remote and disconnected”.  Meanwhile a multiplicity of factors will affect the mix of energy sources, prices, and consumer behaviour – including the combination of solar PV and battery storage making it possible for customers to go off the electricity grid altogether. Dermot has a wealth of experience to bring to his role at Ofgem, having previously served as a Commissioner at the Commission for Energy Regulation (CER) in Ireland from May 2008 and its Chair from May 2011. This will be a fascinating session for anyone with an interest or stake in UK energy issues.

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