Immigration and the UK's control of its own borders lie at the heart of the debate about continued EU membership. Whether it is about claimed positives of attracting a motivated and skilled workforce and the pluses of open borders or the fear about concern about the progressive dilution of national DNA, immigration's impact on services, on crime and terrorism, most of these matters subject to highly charged and polarised views, it is of course critical to deal with the facts. Not just current and recent measurable facts but also to understand what changes to immigration are likely to be brought about by the concessions the PM feels he has wrought out of Brussels.


Julia Onslow-Cole is in an excellent position to give us her take on facts and analysis that have perhaps been drowned out by the increasingly populist arguments we hear daily. The focus would be on the unmanaged migration and the impact on business. 


Julia is a Partner, Legal Markets Leader & Head of Global Immigration of PwC Legal LLP. She is Chair of London First’s working party on immigration representing business and the education sector, Chair of the International Bar Association’s Human Rights Institute Charitable Trust, a member of the Advisory Board of Permits and Migration Matters Trust and COMPAS, the University of Oxford.