This is the fourth in a closely-linked series of the D Group Northern Powerhouse special series. This was kicked off by Lord Heseltine and has seen City leaders from Birmingham and Liverpool so far, moving onto Leeds on 18th April and now Newcastle. Focusing on how the cities understand the Powerhouse agenda, what it means for them, what assistance they seek and what they each have to offer, the series offers considerable insight to the on the ground reality of the expectations and opportunities. As we go to press we await dates from Sheffield and Cardiff.


Nick Forbes has led Newcastle since 2011, steering it through a number of tough financial and other crises. Hopefully the relegation of one or both of the City's iconic football clubs won't be another by the time he comes to speak. The City, home to one of the outstanding inward investment success stories of recent decades (Nissan), is seeing lively debate about how it will benefit from English devolution. We look forward to Nick's take on things.