• Portcullis House, Houses of Parliament (map)
  • Bridge Street
  • London, SW1A 2AH
  • United Kingdom

John Howell MP has recently been appointed as the Prime Minister's Trade Envoy for Nigeria. This meeting will be held at the Houses of Parliament (Portcullis House). John is keen to hear from members on their experience of working in Nigeria, and specifically what he can do help them win further business through his role as the Prime Ministers Trade Envoy.

John Howell has been Conservative MP for the Henley constituency since June 2008. On being appointed Prime Minister's Trade Envoy to Nigeria in January 2016 John said that he was delighted to have been selected for the important task of boosting UK exports to one of the largest markets in Africa. He acknowledged that Nigeria is a market with challenges, but looks forward to using his international business experience to help UK companies increase our exports there.

John is also the EU rapporteur of the Justice Select Committee and a delegate to the Council of Europe. John has international business experience, initially gained as a partner in Ernst & Young, then through media work in central & eastern Europe.

THIS MEETING IS FOR MEMBERS ONLY. To book, follow  this link. 

Please note, this event is to be held at Portcullis House, Houses of Parliament, Bridge Street, London SW1A 2AH.