Mr Justin Webb, Journalist, BBC

Justin is a lead presenter of the BBC flagship Radio 4 News programme, Today. To take up this role he left (by all accounts reluctantly) his highly successful 2001-2009 stint as the BBC's Washington correspondent. Justin still blogs regularly on the US political and news scene. It's difficult to think of many with the same insights into the ways of US politics as he. By the time of the event the Republican and Democrat presidential candidates will have been selected. This is a perfect time for Justin to reflect, with fellow panellists, on the campaign battles that led to the eventual nominations and the landscape going into the November polls.


Dr Andrew Hilton OBE, Director, CSFI.

Andrew is The D Group's economic commentator, and also a close follower of the US economy and the Fed. This will enable him to add his financial markets insights.


Ms Xenia Wickett, Head, US and the Americas Programme and Dean, The Queen Elizabeth II Academy, Chatham House.

Xenia is the author of numerous articles and editorial content pages inpublications such as The Washington Quarterly and The Washington Post. She has been interviewed on radio and television for the BBC, NPR, CNN, Fox News, Al Jazeera and the Jim Lehrer News Hour.