Speaker: HE Koji Tsuruoka, Ambassador of Japan

Ambassador Tsuruoka arrived in London to take up his new post just around a fortnightbefore the Brexit referendum and we look forward to asking him whether its result came as a surprise as much to the Japanese administration as it did to ours. If its aftermath implies a fevered period of trade negotiations on all sides his considerable international trade experience - recently for example as Japan's chief negotiator in the Trans-Pacific Partnership multilateral trade talks - will no doubt come to the fore.

Ambassador Tsuruoka was previously Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs and before that Director-General of the International Legal Affairs Bureau of the Japanese MFA. As a top-level diplomat and lawyer his take on the post-Brexit relationship between our countries will be of essential significance of course to those with specifically relevant business interests but will also offer an important overview of how things may work out more globally.

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