Speaker: Phillip Dunne MP, Minister of State for Health


A quick website check turns up ten separate regulatory bodies for the NHS in England alone, with the proviso that this is some of them, and not a complete list. Does this degree of regulation help or hinder? We look forward to the views of Philip Dunne, Conservative MP for Ludlow since 2005, who was appointed as Minister of State at the Department of Health on 16 July 2016. He was previously Minister of State for Defence Procurement and Minister for Defence, Equipment, Support and Technology. 

Philip has considerable successful experience of the private sector, with over 20 years in business and investment banking, working in New York and Hong Kong. He also co-founded the Ottakar’s bookshop retail business, which he helped to run for 18 years, and which was eventually sold to Waterstones. He is likely to have strong views on how best to foster productivity and this event will be of great interest not only to health services specialists but also to any looking at this topic more broadly across the public sector. 

This is a D Group event. For members only. 

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