We are delighted to welcome Neil Smith, Chairman, Tower Transit to speak on the state of public transport in the cities outside London.   

Public transport is something you either never notice if it is working well, or it takes you one step from the cliff of rage if it is not. Like a good human circulatory system is to a thriving body, so is a good public transport system to a thriving city.  In fact one could argue a secret ingredient to London’s success as a world city is a public transport system that works. The success of a city economically, socially, environmentally and politically is heavily dependent on its public transport system. Yet why does London lead the world and the rest of the UK lags well behind?  Will this change soon? What ramifications will there be for the cities that stand to benefit? Why is this relevant to most businesses who have a presence in the north? 

Neil is the Chairman of Tower Transit Operations Limited and a Director of the associated Australian company, Transit Systems Pty Limited. His career has focused on the development of road and marine based passenger transport systems, with an emphasis on Government relations, Operations and Employee Development. This is balanced with a growing involvement in the development of leadership training institutions in post-conflict central Africa.

This is a D Group event. For members only. 

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