Richard Benyon MP is the Prime Minister's Trade Envoy to DR Congo, Mozambique and Ethiopia. He is a frequent visitor to the 3 countries, with a long-standing interest in Africa. Richard has an excellent network of contacts at the highest levels. He has invited members to meet him at the Houses of Parliament (Portcullis House) for an exchange of views on the opportunities and how he can help members develop their business. Richard is particularly interested to look at the feasibility of introducing British consultants to Chinese contractors working in the region. He is also chair of the UK Water Partnership, a sector he is keen to see promoted in the region.

Richard is now serving his third term as the Conservative MP for Newbury. He is well known across West Berkshire for being a farmer and businessman. From 2010 until 2013, he served as the Minister for the Natural Environment and Fisheries, as part of the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition. Prior to this appointment, he was the Shadow Minister for the Environment, Fisheries and Wildlife and has also served as a Whip.

As a former soldier, founder Trustee of the military charity Help for Heroes, and as member of both the Defence Select Committee and NATO Parliamentary Assembly, Richard takes a great interest in matters of defence and more specifically, the welfare of service personnel and their families.


Afterwards we hope to have a short meeting, chaired by Bernard Obika, MD of Roughton Group, to discuss the formation of a BEI Africa Working Group. We hope all attending the meeting with Richard Benyon will be able to stay on for this. 

This event will be held at Portcullis House, Houses of Parliament, Bridge Street, London SW1A 2AH

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