We are very pleased to welcome John Carstensen, who has been Head of Profession at DFID for Climate and Environment since November 2011. John will talk to us about the work he does on climate and environment at DFID where he contributes significantly to thought leadership, technical excellence in policy development and external representation in the areas of climate change, natural resource management and environment.

John has over 30 years of experience in the field of sustainable development, environment and climate change from Government, United Nations and NGO perspectives. He is responsible for the development and delivery of professional excellence within Climate and Environment professional disciplines across DFID, working to ensure that professional climate and environment advice is embedded throughout all aspects of DFID’s work on policy, planning and programming.

He manages the technical capability of the professional Climate and Environment cadre and leads the recruitment, promotion and accreditation for all advisors in this cadre. He has developed a more innovative and standardised approach to professionalism and continuing professional development across DFID.

Before joining DFID John Carstensen was CEO of Society for the Environment, an umbrella body for UK’s professional bodies for environmental professionals that operates Chartered Environmentalists and Chief Operating Officer for INTRAC, a UK based civil society capacity development organisation.

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