The Conflict, Humanitarian, Security and Migration Department's goal is to prevent conflict and reduce poverty in fragile states, deliver world class humanitarian assistance, help poor countries to be more resiliant to disasters and support justice and freedom from violence, particularly for women and girls.

The 2015 Strategic Aid Review: "UK Aid - tackling global challenges in the national interest" gave strengthening global peace, security and governance, and strengthening resilience and response to crises, as key strategic objectives. DFID were also given the target of allocating 50% of all their spending to fragile states and regions by 2020.

We are therefore delighted to welcome Beverley Warmington, DFID Director for Conflict, Humanitarian, Security and Migration (CHASE) for a briefing on these key areas for the UK aid programme.

Beverley has been Director of CHASE since January 2016. Prior to this she held a number of senior DFID appointments, including: Director for Asia, Caribbean and Overseas Territories from 2010 - 2016; Director for West and Southern Africa from 2007 - 2010, and Head of the Zambia Office from 2005 - 2007.

Work committments permitting, Beverley has very kindly agreed to stay on after her talk for a networking buffet lunch from c.1300-1400 (when booking your place, please add the lunch option if you would like to stay for this).

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