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We welcome Professor Steven Cowley, CEO, UK Atomic Energy Authority to provide his expertise on the way forward for British nuclear power. 

Some answers to this question may be implicit in the Government’s announcement (the day we write) to delay a decision on the go-ahead or otherwise for the first new nuclear plant to be built in the UK in 20 years - at Hinkley Point, Somerset. Under current planning this single plant would provide some 7% of the UK's total electricity requirement. As it is the UK relies on atomic energy for nearly 20% of its electricity. But all but one of our existing power stations are due to close by 2023. No reactors have been built since the 1980s, as accidents, spiralling decommissioning costs and the problem of nuclear waste has eroded enthusiasm. But with soaring oil and gas prices, dwindling fossil fuel reserves, and climate change, the pressure is on to come up with solutions.

Steven Cowley has been CEO of the UK Atomic Energy Authority since November 2009. He has worked in the past at the University of California as a Full Professor and is a part-time professor at Imperial College. He is a Fellow of the American Physical Society and the Institute of Physics, and a member of the Prime Ministers Council on Science and Technology. His authoritative and expert views on the way forward for nuclear power in the UK will be of great interest to any business currently involved in this sector or looking to be so.  

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