Rt Hon John Redwood MP, Member of Parliament for Wokingham in the county of Berkshire.

 The result of the EU referendum was one of the great surprises of our modern times, if not to everybody – we know one or two who had successful bets on a Brexit win.  What the voting pattern says about national attitudes to politics and policy makers will continue to be the basis of much analysis.  As for the eventual outcome of consequent negotiations with the EU and the rest of the world, perhaps we should be confident only of the unexpected. 

 John Redwood has been one of the leading advocates of Brexit - “… our exit from the European Union will create a more prosperous, freer and more democratic Britain”.  He has been Member of Parliament for Wokingham since 1987, and has served as a Cabinet and Shadow Cabinet Minister.  He has an extensive business background, notably as a director of NM Rothschild and as chairman of a quoted industrial PLC; and he is the author of several books on markets, the financial system and the Euro.

 We much look forward to an overview from this distinguished and well known political personality who has been at the heart of the referendum process.

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