We are delighted to welcome Mr S D (Djuandi) Darmono, President Director of Jababeka, the largest Industrial Estate company in Indonesia, to Grafton Street for lunch on 11th October. He is one of Indonesia’s most prominent business people.

Jababeka is developing a major site just outside Jakarta and two other sites in the country, as well as a major tourist development in western Java.

He is also the founder of President University and he is also an adviser to President Jokowi at strategic development level, both coming from the same part of C Java.

As part of this role he is driving Indonesia’s “100 Cities Development Programme”. In his formative years, Darmono spent 10 years in England working for ICI and his first FD was from ICI. 

This event is free of charge for members, however for non-members the charge is £150 + VAT. 

To book follow  this link or for more information, please contact Talia Hawkins.