The quantifiable value from joining us and our fully supported networks is access to a transformative quality of business-critical insights and connections.

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Strategy International is the holding company for a range of unique and complementary strategic business development organisations and their extensive UK and global networks; membership organisations, The D Group, The Future Group and British Expertise International. Headquartered in London, active across the UK and around the Globe we help the top levels of hundreds of companies, partnerships and institutions employing many millions achieve the connections and gain the insights they need for success.


With more than 20 years of connecting its members to the individuals, organisations and skillsets they need to succeed, D Group is the leading private sector UK-focused strategic business development network. Operating at board and ExCom level it serves companies and institutions with a mix of unique private briefings, structured BD consulting and cross-sector personal development programmes.


BEI uses networks built over decades to bring international market access, business prospects, knowledge sharing and networking opportunities to its members in all forms of infrastructure and international development. BEI delivers a range of programmes both independently and in partnership with the UK government and other key stakeholders. Currently BEI has active working groups including: International Development, Smart Cities, Middle East Access Group (MEAG) and Central Asia and Trans-Caucasus Business Information Group (CATBIG). More than 100 opportunity and market-specific events and briefings are delivered each year. It is active across fragile states, emerging markets, middle-income and developed economies and is represented in 30 countries.


A bespoke accelerator programme designed to bring together the key skills, knowledge and connections that your future leaders need to reach the top. Based on the insights and experiences of C-Suite executives, The Future Group not only helps to develop the human skills that leaders need the most, but will also provide members with a diverse and lasting network of next-gen talent.


D Contemporary is an exceptional exhibition space in the heart of London’s prestigious Mayfair art district. Showcasing both established artists and the best emerging talent, D Contemporary exhibits these artists’ works to UK and global buyers. It is not a commission based gallery nor one seeking to contractually represent artists. Interested artists and galleries are invited to contact D Contemporary for potential exhibitions.